Friday, March 25, 2011


So this weekend my grandparents are coming into town to see my brothers' lacrosse game.  I thought I would spend a little time writing about my grandparents because they are precious and I love them dearly.  I have two "official" grandparents left and one adopted grandmother, my dad's mom, my mom's dad, and Edith.

Pop at the Claremont looking at some of the
old pictures.
My grandfather, "Pop" as we call him is simply adorable.  He was in the military and fought in the Korean war and has always lived his life in a very structured, military-like way.  Sometimes he even tries to pay my brothers to keep their rooms doesn't usually work very well though.  He's wonderful and still very active, he spends many a day down on our family farm bush-hogging and cutting down everything in site...much to the families chagrin sometimes.  He comes up for our games, travels around the country to our colleges, and loves his family more than anything else.  He's a bit quiet and reserved and is usually just taking everything...a nice contrast to my grandmother.  He's the sweetest man and would do whatever he could for the four grandchildren with the drop of a hat.  In fact, he has.  When Tighe was sick he travelled with me and my brothers out to California with only a day or two notice.  He is a true southern gentleman in every sense of the word and I can't wait to see him this weekend, I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving!

I think I've already shared this pic but I love
it so much I have to share it again!
Then there's Mimi's, almost exactly the opposite of Pop, but love her all the same.  Mimi is one of those people that when you go somewhere with her she has to stop about ten times to say hi to people.  An extrovert in every sense of the word, she can talk longer than anyone I know, she could strike up a conversation with a tree!  What I love about Mimi is her openness towards people and ideas, she is so accepting of people and truly wants to help in any way she can.  She has about 5-10 adopted daughters that she's brought into the family to try and help.  Mimi is also extremely religious.  Although we don't always share the same religious views I very much respect her spirituality and how connected she is with her faith.  Oh Mimi, she is truly one of a kind - if you've ever met her you'd know.  She's the matriarch of the Hutchins family and has done an incredible job of keeping her four children and thirteen grandchildren together.  If you've ever seen the show Brothers and Sisters, that is what our family is like as well.  There is always an issue or a controversy but no matter what, Mimi puts her heart into trying to solve it.

Anyway, thought I would do a little tribute to the grandparents since I love them dearly (although I didn't have a chance to write about Edith, I'll save her for another day).  Do you have grandparents that you are close to?  What makes them special?  Even though older people can sometimes get on your nerves I feel very strongly about keeping in touch and reaching out to my grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and family friends.  They will not be around forever and while they are here I want to learn and know as much as I can about what has shaped their lives and the stories they have to tell.  So spend a moment this weekend giving an older relative or friend a call, I can assure you when you get off the phone you'll be happy you did.  Have a great weekend!

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