Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If there's one type of food that makes me really happy, it's cupcakes!  They're the perfect size to just grab and go, they're always really yummy, and the stores that sell them tend to be super cute and colorful.  I'm not sure what it is about them, but cupcakes always bring out the best.

Right now there seems to be a huge fad for cupcake stores, I love it!  My favorite cupcake in the DC area so far is baked and wired as there cupcakes are a little different:

That said, I also enjoy hello cupcake often, it's a lot more convenient and the cupcakes are delish!  

This is most definitely my favorite kind!!
Finally, I did enjoy Curbside Cupcake when they came up to Van Ness...would love for them to come up again!

I've tried out Red Velvet and Georgetown Cupcake but was just not in love with those two as much.  The cupcakes at Red Velvet were a little dry and Georgetown Cupcake, while it's adorable, the cupcakes are pretty small and you have to wait in like FOREVER to get one!

The famous and original cupcake store Sprinkles has come to DC and I think someone is bringing them in today, I'm excited to try (although I gave up chocolate for lent which starts today so that should be interesting?)!  I mean check-out their cupcakes:

While these are only DC stores, the cupcake fad is nationwide.  Actually one of the first cupcake stores I visited was in Berkeley, CA.  Love At First Bite has very simple but VERY delicious cupcakes (and I personally think they have the cutest name).  I first had them my junior year in college and I think that is truly where my cupcake love began.

SO presch!
Anyway, now you know a bit about my cupcake obsession...although I haven't gone into my all time dream of owning my own cupcake store/community gathering space (I'll have to write another post about that).  To end, here are a few AWESOME cupcakes that I think you'll enjoy:

These remind me of my friend Sara!


so creative!

hippy cupcake!

Have a great day!

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