Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colors...and my inner preppiness

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  In keeping with the green spirit I wanted to spend today writing about colors I love.  Growing up I acquired quite a liking for pink and green...yes, I was pretty preppy in high school and the beginnings of college.  OK, so I had a bit of an obsession with pink and green, my friends used to say my room looked like pink and green exploded in it.  Although today my obsession has subsided and  I wouldn't consider myself quite the prepster I was then, I still have my moments when my love for color and preppiness take over.

Sooo today I thought I'd find some images that were colorful and fun and just made me happy for the spring and summer ahead...I mean how can I resist, it's ACTUALLY nice out finally!

Adorable mismatching little girls...the colors are so bright and fun!
Awesome cake, how can you not love pink
and green after looking at this?!

This is a page from Kate Spade's blog, it's a blog all about color!  I've always just been a big Kate Spade fan, everything is always so colorful and classic!

Can you guess where these prints are from?  If you guessed
Lilly Pullitzer, you're correct!  

I found this through dailycandy and am loving
their website, you can get samples of perfumes
for $3, check it 
out (isn't this bottle amazing?!)

I hope you enjoyed these images and they make you smile.  I know that all I can think about now is summertime...sitting on the beach soaking in the the sun, can't wait!  What's your favorite color?  What colors and images make you happy?

To quote from an old favorite song...

Think Pink 
If your like no other girl 
(think pink) 
and u will discover girl 
(think pink)
it's your favorite color girl,
it's the color of the world

...yup, used to love that song :) :)

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