Monday, February 28, 2011

Brunch Edition: Rick and Ann's

Well hello again!  I have finally returned and recovered from my work retreat and am ready to get back to blogging...sorry I've been gone for a bit!  Last week was a whirlwind of a week and I'm very happy to say that the retreat went off very well (I'm just glad to have it behind me!).  Anyway, today I'd like to write about one of my most favorite meals...drum roll please (too bad you can't make the computer make sounds as a person is reading)


I love love love brunch, it is just the perfect combination of my favorite foods wrapped into a meal!  One of my favorite things to do when I go to a new city is to find the local brunch spot.  You can always get the real feel for the people in a city/town by checking it out (this does seem to work better in smaller cities).

With that, as you can probably guess Rick and Ann's is a brunch spot in Berkeley, CA and I ADORE it!  Now I can't take credit for finding this place, my sister went to Cal Berkeley and introduced us to this adorable little spot during her freshman year.  It was love at first site.  It's an precious little spot, tucked into a small shopping strip right down the hill from The Claremont Resort and Spa (which I also LOVE).  You walk in and you immediately realize you've found a gem.  The smells and plates of food being served all look to die for and to top it off, being in Berkeley, of course they use local, fresh foods.

Isn't it adorable?!
Last time I was in Berkeley I had this:

How can you not love this place when they serve
granola and fruit in a smiley face?!

I mean really?!  This place is truly the best, I make it a requirement to go there every time I am in Berkeley and it has never disappointed.  Aahhh I wish I could be transported there right now!  I forgot to mention, they also have divine muffins (one of my very favorite foods) that I make a point to get every time.  

If you're interested in learning more, here's their website: 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laughing Until your Stomach Hurts

This weekend was so wonderful, it was one of those times where everything just aligns perfectly and all aspects fall into place.  We arrived Friday night and everyone just immediately fell back into friendships like nothing had changed.  It was so wonderful to see everyone and the weather was AMAZING!!

The lakehouse

On Saturday we walked, laid on the dock, and laughed a whole lot.  That is one thing that makes me so happy, laughing, and with good friends, it's always hard to stop.  We spent Saturday night on the dock sitting and talking and laughing a lot, I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I have to get ready to get to work early early to set-up for our annual staff retreat.  Not sure how much I'll be able to blog this week so if not, see you next week, wish me luck at our staff retreat, it's always an interesting time!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Today what makes me happy is MY FRIENDS!!  This afternoon I'm traveling to Atlanta to go to one of my very nearest and dearest friends lake house with 7 of my other closest friends from Sewanee, I could not be more excited!  This is a LONG overdue reunion as I have not seen some of these girls in an entire year!

Anyway, it will be quite a celebration as 3 of them are engaged (although one cannot make it, we'll miss you!), 2 just graduated from graduate school, and 1 just returned from the Peace Corp!  There will be a whole lot of celebrating for sure!!  AND it's supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend, ahh life is least until I come back and have to help run our staff retreat next week :)

LOVE these girls (plus 2!)

I hope you've enjoyed my first week of blogging, see you next Tuesday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yea Sewanee's Right!

Yesterday after a very busy day I was browsing through my e-mail and came upon an e-mail from Sewanee saying that the University had decided to cut tuitions and fees by 10%.  I then jumped on facebook and realized the immensity of this decision and I could not be happier.  As if I didn't love love love Sewanee already this just put the icing on the cake in my book.

I went to Sewanee: The University of the South for 4 years and absolutely adored it.  I met some of my very best friends (3 of whom are getting married in the next year or so!!), figured out my true interests, and was given multiple leadership opportunities to grow and learn how to be a good leader.  Now that's not to say I didn't have a TON of fun at Sewanee as well!  I was in a fabulous low key sorority and always felt welcome at any party on campus.

Anyway, back to the point of this post.  Sewanee has made a statement, started a movement, stepped up to change higher education in America.  This says so much about Sewanee, as a school, a place, a community.  I could not be happier to be a part of this community and to help make sure that everyone has an opportunity to the amazing education that I received.

Take a look at this video that Sewanee created (ok ok so I did tear up in places...)

And then also take a look at the articles in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal:

Wall Street Journal

NY Times

As you go about your day think about the statements and movements you can create, it doesn't have to be big, just something to make the world a little better.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summertime Style

As I was relishing in the beautiful weather Monday (that will hopefully come back later this week!) my mind began to drift to my very favorite season, summer!  I think many of my blog posts will probably be about summer as there are just SO many things in summer that make me happy, but today I have begun thinking about dresses.

Summer dresses make me oh so happy, they are just so versatile (especially when you work in an office where you can wear just about anything so no summer dresses get left to the back of the closet!).  You can throw out those annoying tights that keep getting snags in them, put away those bulky sweaters that make you feel like a box, and pop on a presch (more on this word in another post) dress to start your day.  How can you not be happy when you only have to pick out one piece of clothing and feel like you can go galavanting through the meadows skipping and frolicking in the sunshine...ok so I don't get to do THAT every day but...

Anyway, summer dresses epitomize summer for me so I picked a few out from some of my favorite stores to get you excited about what's to come in the next few month, take a look:

Even though I'm not as preppy as I used to be, I still love Lilly Pulitzer every once in awhile :)

(Find it here)

A little less preppy but still super fun...

South Moon Under always has
presch dresses!
(Find it here)

This would be fun for a graduation party!
 (Find it here) 

A little less colorful but still
super comfy and cute!  (Find it here)

Fun for the beach (Find it here)

Sooo what are your favorite summer dresses?  What do they remind you of?  My first thoughts are spring party, Bethany Beach, barbecues, sitting by the pool...uuhh can't wait for summer, it'll be here before you know it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ben's Cookies

One of my roommates is going to London tomorrow and of course I'm a tad jealous!  I spent a summer in Oxford studying history and galavanting around England with some of my closest friends.  There were so many things I adored about that summer but one place specifically sticks in my mind...

These cookies are absolutely pure deliciousness.  We would walk into town every now and then and couldn't leave without purchasing at least one or two.  Mmmm they just melted right in your mouth...

Ben's Cookies in Oxford

So today if your stressing about something at work, a test, a boyfriend, or anything else take a moment and think about a trip or place you've been that stands out and enjoy reliving the memory!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Here we go!

I've been dying to start a blog for a long time here it goes!  It seems funny that my inspiration came on Valentine's Day of all days, but I guess the nice weather, bright colors, and way too many M & M's helps!

So here is my idea, start simple.

My mission: To post one thing that makes me happy every morning.  No restrictions, just whatever pops into my head.
view from the Berkeley hills

My hope is that these short posts will inspire me and hopefully others to face the day with hope and happiness because...

When all else fails, SMILE!