Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Art of Walking

Most Sundays when I'm home my mom, dad and I take a bit of a jaunt over in Robert E. Lee Park.  We walk and talk and make our way all the way to this one tree where we touch it and turn around, I enjoy it immensely.  In college I took an amazing class called Walk the Land.  Every Monday afternoon we would gather in a classroom, discuss our reading for the day, and then head out somewhere on the domain for a long walk.  Most of the time we didn't follow a trail, we just bushwhacked are way down or up a mountain until we found whatever Dr. Potter was looking for.  Walking the Land was one of the best classes I took at Sewanee, we talked about what walking means to people, and how it shapes them.  We talked about different excursions across America and why people choose to hike trails like the Appalachian Trail, what motivates and drives them to do it.  We read stories of famous hikers and learned about views on the art of walking.  It was an absolutely amazing and inspiring experience in my Sewanee career.

View from a beautiful hiking day at Sewanee

Dr. Potter, my amazing professor, yes he plays
the guitar and banjo often around Sewanee
Senior year of college my friends and I also hiked the perimeter trail around Sewanee, a trail over 20 miles around the domain.  It took us two days and we camped out at the forestry cabin in between, it was a ton of fun.  A few of my friends had taken the Walking the Land class so we were ready to soak in everything that a long hike had to offer.  We spent hours talking about all kinds of things from what we were going to do after college to our favorite music to our deepest passions and desires for life, all the while enjoying the beautiful scenery and bluffs around us.  It is to this day one of my favorite memories of my time at Sewanee.

Enjoying Sewanee on the perimeter trail
Although in DC I don't have as much of an opportunity to stroll off to a beautiful view after dinner (which we often did at Sewanee), I do love walking around the city and looking at the beautiful row houses and buildings.  I try to continue my love of walking as much as possible, last summer one of my best friends and I hiked a mountain or two in the Adirondeck's which, although a little grueling, was a very neat experience.

I love taking walks with friends and family, it is about the best way to catch up with people and have a real conversation about life.  How can you not fee invigorated and rejuvenated after a good jaunt?  What's your favorite place to take a walk or go hiking?  the beach?  the mountains?  in the city?  out on the farm?  The possibilities are endless and the memories made while walking or hiking are priceless, enjoy them.

Taking a walk with old friends is simply the best :)

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