My inspiration

Welcome to my blog, I really hope you enjoy it!  My inspiration for this blog came, of all days, on Valentine's Day.  I guess you could say I was looking for inspiration on a hard day for a single girl...although typically I love Valentine's Day since I'm a big fan of the color pink.  Anyway, winter is most definitely not my favorite time of year, especially when it gets into January or February and the season just seems to linger on forever.  As a way to combat my winter blues I decided that I would consciously try to be happier.  Why not focus on one thing that makes me happy every day and start my day with a smile?  And so this blog began.

Actually, I've been wanting to write a blog for awhile.  About a year and a half ago my sister became very sick, we almost lost her.  It was a hard time in our family but thanks to great doctors and a huge supportive community, she pulled through.  During this time I kept everyone up to date with a caringbridge site, those daily posts served as therapeutic relief for me.  It was something I could do to help which meant a lot to me.  Ever since I have missed writing just to write, a hobby that I really enjoy.  I thought about creating a blog multiple times but just felt I needed a topic to blog about.  And finally that topic came to me, happiness.

There are so many things in the world that make me happy, why not spend some time every day thinking about them?  We hear so much of the tragedy and sadness in the world, but what about the happiness in the world?  What about those things that inspire us and keep us sane?  What about the random acts of kindness?  What about beauty and truth and smiles?  I hope that by reading this blog you are inspired to be happy.  Maybe it is just for a moment but during that moment think of what makes YOU truly happy.  What makes you smile just thinking about it?

Life is too short to be unhappy.  Things don't always work out as you planned but whatever happens, there is always a way to learn and grow.  Again, I hope you enjoy my blog, and, when all else fails, SMILE!