Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewanee Angel

Last week in my post about Liz I mentioned the Sewanee angel but wanted to save the explanation for another post.  The story of the Sewanee Angel is that within the gates dwell Sewanee angels.  When you leave the Sewanee gates you tap the roof of your car to take your Sewanee angel with you to protect you while you are away from the University.  When you return through the gates you tap the top of your car again to let your Sewanee angel roam free with all of the other angels on the mountain.

Below you will find the official story of the Sewanee Angel:

It's a lovely Sewanee tradition and if you are ever in Sewanee you will see students and alumni tapping the roof of their car when they leave and enter the gates.  It makes me happy to think that a Sewanee angel is always looking out for me and brings me a little piece of Sewanee wherever I go.  As you've probably noticed by now, Sewanee is a very special place for me - such a unique spot where I learned so much about myself and who I wanted to be.  These little traditions are what make the place so mystical and special...one of the reasons why the Sewanee bond is so strong.

Do you have any special traditions from the college that you went to?  What makes your university special and unique?


  1. I have that same exact thing framed and hanging up in my house! YSR!

  2. I lived in sewanee for years.. My mom was a simanarian. I went to SAS.. I feel like nobody understands me when I talk about sewanee... They don't understand untill they see it for themselves.