Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's a colorful kind of day!

This past week I've really felt like summer is upon this calls for a colorful semi-wordless Wednesday...just a few shots I found mostly through We heart it - very cool website with awesome pics!


Enjoy a bit of COLOR in your life today!

Neat painting done by Beatriz Milhazes

Who wouldn't want to drink a cup of pink coffee?

OBSESSION - I could write a whole blog about these tasty
little treats...

Can't wait to get down to the beach in just a few short weeks...

Anyway, a very simple post but I hope it makes you smile this morning :)  Do you have any fun summer plans?  I know I have lots to look forward to...can't wait for it all to begin!!


  1. I love the pastal coloured m&m s.

    Had our annual holiday early this year at Easter (to fit in before the eldest sits her exams). It will be a long summer.
    Hoping it will be a long HOT summer here in the UK.

    New to you blog and following


  2. Hi Carol and welcome! I love pastel colored M & M's as well! Thanks for reading my blog and here's to hoping for a long hot summer in the UK!