Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brunch Edition: The Blue Chair

It's been a few weeks since I've done a brunch edition so I thought I'd get back to writing about my favorite meal in my favorite places.  Today I'm writing about The Blue Chair, an adorable little spot in the cozy little town of Sewanee, TN.  As a student there were not too many places around Sewanee to go for brunch...The Blue Chair was about the only option.  That was ok though, you could never get tired of Blue Chair!

It sure is a special spot, by the time my friends and I graduated from Sewanee they were asking us who was going to come in all the time like we did, we loved it.  We used to go for just about every ocassion.  They have a pretty standard brunch menu, I always loved the breakfast sandwich (croissant with egg and cheese) or the eggs benedict.   Their coffee is absolutely amazing!  We used to sit there for hours getting over-caffeinated and chatting about who knows what.  It was always the perfect start to a Saturday morning.

One of my favorite memories of Blue Chair involves afternoon strolls to sit outside.  My friend Callie would come upstairs in our dorm and see if we'd like to walk down.  It was the perfect activity for a nice spring day; walking through campus, stopping to chat with people along the way, watching the kids get out at Sewanee Elementary, and ending at our favorite spot.  We'd order a coffee and my personal favorite from Blue Chair, a muffin, and go sit outside.  More times than one we'd be sitting there and some of our other friends would walk up, it was always the best when it was pure coincidence.  We'd sit and talk about our classes, our experiences, Sewanee in general.  Those afternoon conversations were always some of the more spiritual serious conversations as we discussed our beliefs and where they would lead us.

The Blue Chair is such a special place.  It's usually the first place where we all reconvene when we're back on the mountain.  It's the place where we had our last meal at Sewanee before we all parted ways after graduation.  It's the spot we'd come to relax and rewind, to laugh at ourselves and each other, to question what we'd learned, to figure out what life had in store for us.  Although the food is great, it's the atmosphere and memories that make the spot special to me.  If you happen to be in Sewanee, TN any time soon, you've got to try it!

(and one thing I didn't even mention, The Blue Chair employs women from The Blue Monarch, a residential program to get abused women back on their feet...Blue Chair believes in social responsibility as well!)

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