Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately, I had 2 midterms last week that took over my life!  But I was able to celebrate in DC this weekend with one of my very best friends!  I was a wind up doll and yes I did wind up an move around when people wound me up:

I've had some fun costumes in the past, last year I was Rainbow Brite and in college I was a pink lady and goth person...

Definitely not my style...

A little more legit...

Loved this costume and I pulled it together the night before!

My pumpkin from last year, worked so hard on it!
 I'm a little sad because I didn't have a chance to carve my pumpkin this year...but I did help one of my little babysitting kids do his so I think that counts!  I also don't get to pass out candy because I have class during prime trick or treating time :(  Oh well, at least I got to celebrate this past weekend!)
Source: via Mari on Pinterest

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aahhh where did the week go?!?!

I started out so well with inspiration Monday, I had high hopes for lots of posts this week...but alas that didn't work out so well as it's Thursday and I'm only on post number 2.  Oh well it's not something to fret about, I guess it just means I've been busy (and about to get busier with midterms next week...eek!).  Anyway, this Thursday I am thankful for lots of things, but one thing I just love about fall is the clothes that I get to wear (ok I know that's a bit shallow, but I already did a semi-serious post and since I have been trying to save money being a grad student and all that this is my way of getting out my shopping obsession!).

So on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for fun fall clothes to go with fun fall activities...and a few that I just wish I could splurge on!

Aren't these just beautiful (Antrhopologie)

So to start my outfit I usually pull out a fun pair of boots, my skinny jeans (or leggings):
Yup that's exactly how I look in my jeans too...I wish

A cute top/sweater (oversized are my favesss):

And then a few accessories that I live for/want:

My barbour jacket:

I really want arm/leg warmers:

Source: via Teri on Pinterest

And fun necklaces (my tree of life necklaces are my faves...this is not the exact one but similar!):

Source: via Brisa on Pinterest

Or a cute obsessed with theses - easiest accessory ever and keeps me warm as I get chilly so easily!

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Oh I could go on for hours on clothes I adore...if only I had an unending bank account...what are your fall staples that get you out the door??

Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiration Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had great weekends filled with lots of fun fall activities!  I had a pretty good weekend, filled with lots of babysitting, running, studying, and a very special walk for a disease that is near and dear to my heart.

Before I begin, I thought I would try out a new theme for Mondays, Inspiration Mondays (maybe I'll even create a link-up - if there isn't one already!).  Our blog at my old company used to do this and I always thought it was a neat idea to get people going when Mondays can be so hard.  We all need a little inspiration sometimes :)

Anyway, this past Saturday I was very lucky to join a small group in a Walk for Myositis in Columbia, MD.  Myositis is a rare autoimmune disease that causes chronic muscle weakness and fatigue.  There is no known cure for the disease and no known cause.  When I was in high school I was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis and underwent lots of different treatments to help me get better.  Luckily today I am in remission and feeling healthy and well.  

So this little walk this weekend meant a lot to me as there is very little funding for Myositis as it is a very rare disease, only 3-5000 children in the USA have my form of the disease.  The last time I checked the website we had raised over $7500 to support the cause so I was very excited to walk and help others learn more about the cause.

Well, Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day and the location of the walk was a beautiful park surrounding a lake.  The leaves were changing and it was just a picture perfect fall day.  We had a small but enthusiastic crowd and we set out to walk around the park.  It was just wonderful.  My parents joined me for the walk and it was great to just be outside walking for something that I believed in and wanted to support.  Although we didn't have the biggest crowd it was neat to be surrounded by people that have had similar experiences and understand what I went through.  It was special.  Here are a few pictures from the day:

Beautiful view across the water

Mom and I in our walk t-shirts!

Geese on the lake...uhh surenity

Gosh it was just so beautiful, I'm glad to know of this wonderful park now!  Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart?  Have you supported it lately?  Walks and runs are huge in October and it is the perfect time of year to get out and support a good cause - go for it, it's definitely worth it and you'll be glad you participated!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hello lovelies!  Well this week seems to have gotten away from me a bit with two papers and lots of reading my time for blogging got put on the back burner.  But alas, I'm back and what better way to come back then with What I'm Loving Wednesday!  It's a little dreary here and I've been feeling a little down lately as all I've been doing is schoolwork and working and so I thought this might provide a little pick me goes nothing!

1.  I'm getting a new car TODAY!!  My precious little focus died 2 weeks ago and I have been carless for the past two doesn't seem so bad until your standing outside your class waiting for your parents to pick you up or your mother tells you she's ashamed of you for not planning out an outing and asking to borrow a car days in advance (can you tell I'm annoyed!?)

SO to say the least, I am EXCITED!  I've been waiting for this car for a week as they didn't have the color I wanted in stock but they got it in last night so here it is, a beautiful Hyundai Tucson:

2.  I'm walking to support Myositis this weekend, a disease that is really important to me and I am very happy to be able to support funding for.

3. Two VERY exciting events are happening in just over a month, one of my best friend's weddings AND my sister comes home/Thanksgiving...I am already counting the days

Their wedding is going to be a BLAST!
Cannot WAIT to see this girl.

4. I FINALLY flipped my clothes and now I have all my fall clothes in my closet!  I've been trying not to buy any new clothes to stay on my budget so I'm enjoying "refinding" clothes I haven't seen in 6 months!

This is what I want to be wearing every day in the fall:

And I am just going to keep telling myself this today (thanks for posting on Pinterest Amanda):

Friday, October 7, 2011

Princess Friday

Gosh they're sure are a lot of funny things on youtube but yesterday I found this hysterical little youtube, so adorable - I love the little blond girl too, she is so cute!  Hope this brightens your Friday...sorry for the lack of posts this week - with no car, a trip to Hershey and lots in between it's been a busy week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

One last memory of summer...

Now that fall is officially here (is it as cold where you are as it is here?!?!  I've been FREEZING all day!) I thought I would do a re-cap post of my summer adventures.

If you haven't been reading along for very long, this past summer I had the opportunity to just relax and travel after 3 years of working in DC.  Thus, I went on a lot of adventures, to a lot of weddings, and had a LOT of fun!  So here's a little summer re-cap, as I sit here freezing my buns off!

The summer of fun...

It all began with some summer sun,
Bethany Beach, where we had tons of fun!

Cousin together and laughter galore,
Jess did our hair, how could we want more!

Then we were off to the wild wild west,
Sis and I were on the move and there was no time to rest!

Just us and Budgy what more could we need?
Vegas, Grand Canyon, weird B & Bs...what can you do but follow our lead!

Then it was time to bid Tighe goodbye,
Her new home out west, quite beautiful, no lie.

Off on my next great adventure I go,
Down south to the beach to celebrate a beau!

Then to Sewanee, to see my big sis,
Marry her sweetheart, I surely wouldn't miss!

Back up north for a few days and nights,
But before long, the 4th - celebrate with lights!

That was quite a weekend, 15 in the house,
My aunts slept in the foyer, watch out for a mouse!

And then it was back to ATL once more,
My first time as a bridesmaid, so much in store!

If your still reading then you deserve a prize,
I told you my summer was busy, no lies!

The rest of the summer was packed full of camps,
The first was amazing, so inspiring, not damp!

The kids all had cancer, but smiles on their face,
Just running and playing, brought me back to base.

The second, a reunion of friends near and far,
They all traveled in with their very own bars!

OH I had so much fun at my summer home,
Reconnecting with friends and just roaming to roam.

And then it was time to get down to the grind,
Start classes again...actually use my mind!

Oh what a summer, it's one for the books,
Such fun and laughter, even some strange looks :)

Well I hope you enjoyed my little poem :)  It sure was a fun summer of adventures, now I might go make this little diddy into a picture book...

Do you have any special memories from the summer?