Thursday, March 3, 2011

Family Weekend!

Good morning!  I am super excited today because today is the end of the work week for me!  Since I spent so much time working on our staff retreat my office gave me a day off that has to be taken this week or next so I chose tomorrow.  I'm heading back to Baltimore tonight, will hang out with the fam tomorrow and then Saturday morning we're getting up early to head down to Chapel Hill.

I'm really excited for Chapel Hill for a few reasons:

1. To see my little brother play lacrosse and visit him at college (can't believe he's that old!)

Go Dunc!
2. To celebrate my dear old dad's Birthday...I won't tell you how old he is :)

Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

3. To see Sally Mac (a great friend of the family who lives in Chapel Hill, haven't seen her in ages!)

4. To get back down to Chapel Hill - haven't been there in forever!!  When we were little we used to go down and dress up in cheerleading outfits and go to the football games.  I think the last time I was down there was when I was in about 8th grade and I had a black eye...don't ask.  My most vivid memories from that trip are my current roommate's father getting a coffee bean stuck up his nose and being amazed by the Sephora on Franklin Street (I was in 8th grade...weird things amaze middle schoolers).

5. To get the whole family together again!  Haven't been with everyone since Christmas so I'm really excited to have everyone together for the weekend, it should be another crazy Hutchins family adventure!

Yup, I'm the shrimp in the fam now...

So that's what I'm looking forward to for the weekend, it should be an exciting one!  Have a great weekend, do something you enjoy!

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  1. I love this one Pey! A great time was had by all.