25 Things in my 25th Year

1. O's Game
2. Give blood
3. Ravens Game
4. Explore and really get to know Baltimore
5. Go somewhere I've never been before
6. Do something way out of my comfort zone
7. Go somewhere out of the country
8.  Visit Tighe in Boulder
9.  Visit my family in Boston/Cape Cod
10. Do something with all of my pictures/get more into photography
11. Re-organize my room
12. Go on a blind date
13. Run a race longer than a 5k
14. Get to 100 followers
15. Meet 10 new friends in Baltimore
16. Stay in touch with 5 people that are usually difficult to keep up with
17. Cook at least 1 new meal a month
18. Try out at least 3 new cupcake recipes
19. Go camping
20. Move downtown...I'm going to count where I live as "downtown"
21. Send one piece of snail mail a month

1 comment:

  1. I love your ambition!! I turn 25 next week - your list has inspired me to think of a few things I would like to do this year! We only are a quarter of a century old once!! :)