Thursday, June 16, 2011

We made it to Colorado!

Ok so I'm still catching up on posts but this will be my last one from Tighe and I's roadtrip west!  Well we got out of the B and B and headed on to our final destination...the only problem was we had to go through the mountains...major mountains.  It was ok though, Budgy did a great job and so did Tighe (I didn't drive the whole leg...whoops!).  We stopped in Vail for lunch, such a cute ski town!  Tighe and I had been there with our family when we were younger but didn't remember it very well.  We walked around and had a lovely lunch outside (much better then any of our meals in Palisades...).  We then really got into the mountains and we were pretty much riding up and down until we got to Boulder.  The wildest part was how much snow was still on mountains and how HIGH the Colorado river was...take a look:

Vail, so cute!

Even though I'm not at KaBOOM! anymore, still always noticing playground :)
(this one was super cool, a pirate ship!)

The Colorado River was so high!

So much snow still!

...and that's what we drove into

After about four or five hours we finally made it to...

It was so exciting to finally get there!  And Budgy did such a great job...

Good ole' Budgy, miss that truck...well kinda
Tighe's apartment is cute and we had a great time exploring Boulder and getting her all set up, what a cool little city!  Some of the highlights were walking out of her apartment and hiking up the mountains, Pearl street and Kitchen (restaurant we loved).  Here are a few pics of some of our hikes:

So beautiful...definitely missing the west and my dear little sister (although she is doing GREAT things and is about to start her own adventure in the blog world!!)  Now I'm down south for the next 10 days...a southern adventure :)  More to come soon, thanks for reading along!

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  1. oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! colorado is awesome