Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 4: Grand Canyon, part 2

Soo after we finished our water break we headed down Bright Angel trail...

It was a pretty steep hike down to the first rest stop but it was really neat to see the different views as you went down into the Canyon.  Tighe and I tried to take it slow as not to mess up our knees too much!  On the way down we even met a group that went to Sewanee and lives in Tullahoma now...YSR!  

Hiking down the Canyon

We made it to the rest stop and had lunch and then began the trek back was pretty steep so we took it nice and slow!

I have to to say it...and Tighe's prob going to kill me for it...but I was SO proud of Tighe for hiking all the way back up!  Who would of thought that a year and a half after all that happened to her she would be able to hike the Grand Canyon, YOU GO GIRL!!  So honored to have gotten to be the one that got to hike with her :)

Anyway, we made it to the top and although we were a little beat we were ecstatic that we did it!

Woohoo!  The rest of the day we spent walking around and checking out different views of the Canyon...until Budgy had a bit of an issue.  We were going up and down some hills and Budgy started to go into a bit of overdrive and it seemed like the brakes were sticking...we were freaked considering we had to go through Arizona, Utah and then Colorado in the next 2 days.  So after about 5 hours waiting for the truck repair man at about 10 he finally came and checked out the car.  Luckily it was ok and after a few small tweaks Budgy was as good as new.  

We made it back to our campsite, where we had pulled the futon out and put it under us to make the tent more comfy (thank god!!) and drifted off to sleep.  We got up early the next morning and what did we see out side out our tent...

An elk!  Literally right outside of our tent just hanging was neat!  Anyway, after that we got ourselves packed up and headed out for another long day of driving...more to come on that soon!

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