Monday, June 13, 2011


Now we are finally into our final days of our least in my storytellling, in real life I am already back in Baltimore, oh well, I want to make sure I document this trip so I can remember it so I am making sure to put every part in!

Anyway, on Sunday after we saw the elk, we got all packed up and headed out for a long day of travel.  We had to get from the Grand Canyon to Palisades, Colorado so it was a bit of a long day through lots of mountains and deserts.  We got on the road and were a little nervous because we had to go back through the area where Budgy had started doing weird things.  Tighe took it really slow though and Budgy did a great job, go Budgy!  It was a nice way to exit the Canyon as we continued to see views for about an hour or two into our drive.

Beautiful view further out from the touristy part of the Canyon

From there we spent most of the rest of the day traveling through Arizona and Utah and boy did we see some neat sites...

It was wild to see these random rock mounds just in the middle of the otherwise flat desert.

Buddha rock with the white cap mountains in the distance

Then we made it over to Moab and Arches National Park, we drove right through it!  We thought about stopping but really just wanted to get to our next stop plus we were listening to The Hunger Games on itunes (children's book but is extremely intense and a great listen for a roadtrip!) so we didn't stop.  Definitely a spot to go to next time though!

Eight hours, 3 states, and many different terrains later, we made it to Palisades, CO...and boy was it interesting.  Tighe had booked us in a little B & B there and after a quick glance at the website I thought it would be fine (we've stayed in lots of Inns before so I figured it would be the same).  WELL, I was quite wrong.  We pulled up and it was just a person's house with basically a guest bedroom, so strange.  I was exhausted though and all I wanted was a shower so we pulled in and said hello and headed up to our room (which had NO door on the bathroom...weird).  

Our lovely room...I think the comforter gave me a rash

Vistas and Vineyards...a joke

Anyway, we came back down and they were having a "concert" it was so awkward and all we wanted to do was relax after eight hours of driving.  We took the owners bikes and headed into town to get away from it all and have dinner.  Well, after being on the road about five minutes Tighe stopped suddenly and I fell off my bike...just another addition to our lovely time spent in Palisades, CO.  There was NOWHERE to go to dinner so we finally found this country cafe place and sat ourselves down to eat.  After dinner we headed back to our lovely B & B and had to sit there while they had the concert and then very quickly excused ourselves to the room where little kids were knocking on our door and then running away.

To say the least, we got out of there quickly in the morning and headed on the road to our final stop...Boulder, CO.  More to come on my time in Colorado tomorrow...hope you're still enjoying our roadtrip adventure!


  1. Just found your blog through another, and can I just say I'm soo super jealous you were able to go to the Grand Canyon? It is one of the things I've always wanted to see but other than Italy I have never been off the East Coast! Have a lovely day!

  2. Thanks for reading! I would definitely say the Grand Canyon is a must do trip, it will not disappoint - so amazing!!

  3. These pictures are beautiful!! I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.. I'm so jealous of you!

  4. Thanks for reading Caitlin and you should definitely go to the Grand Canyon!