Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Southern Adventure!

Well hello blog world!  Sorry for the week long break, I've been busy touring the south and while I did try to put up posts last week for some reason I was having some technical difficulties...but alas, I'm back!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time on my southern adventure and was able to hit many different spots on my trip!  I started in the booming metropolis of Easley, South Carolina:

Right after I snapped this pic the town was over...
it's that small!

Then we headed to Hilton Head for my dear friend Gini's Bachelorette party:

Picking out supplies

Buckets we made for the guests

Dinner out to celebrate Gini!

Crazy friends :)

The Bachelorette party was a blast and it was so much fun being back in HH (we had gone there for spring break one year in college).  We just hung by the beach, caught up, played silly games and relaxed...it was lovely and I got rid of my tan lines (I know I know that sounds dumb but I was wearing a strapless dress for the wedding the next weekend so I needed help).  

Anyway, after Hilton Head I headed down to Atlanta to stay with friends and it was lots of fun.  I got to meet Gini's new puppy (I can't believe I didn't get a pic of him!) and went to my very first Braves game!

Braves Game! 

After a wonderful and relaxing Birthday (wasn't exactly excited as now I'm getting old) I headed to Nashville and then to Sewanee to celebrate my wonderful sorority big sister and her now husband Pat, what a fun wedding it was.  It was wonderful being back in Sewanee and visiting with a few of my other close friends.

pre-wedding bbq

back at our fave place, Shenan's!!

grooms cake - the KA house!

are MK and I bridesmaids or is Lindsey??

The lovely couple heading out :)

Favorite view - Greens View

All in all it was a wonderful trip filled with lots of visits with great friends!  That said I was exhausted and glad to get home to my warm and cozy bed.  Now I'm back in Baltimore before I head to the beach for the 4th, I can't WAIT!  The 4th is one of my favorite holidays...more to come on that soon!

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