Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1 (June 1st): Heading West

written yesterday

Well we made it to California and let me tell you, it was QUITE a long day!  We started the day bright an early as our flight left at 6:30 AM...and of course my alarm didn’t go off and we were supposed to leave at 4:30 (I got woken up at 4:25, oops!).  We had a pretty unstressful flight which was great and had a lay-over in Vegas (which was kind of strange considering that we would be driving back there the next day).  

in the sky (sorry I can't get the picture to turn) can't see that
well but there was snow on the mountains which made me a little nervous
We got into Oakland with 4 huge bags and headed to the truck place.  We got the truck and we were the storage unit!  I was really dreading this part, Tighe had said that she had a ton of stuff in the unit and that it might all fall out when we opened it up so I was very much not looking forward to it.  Fortunately it wasn’t so bad and we had help from a friend of Tighe’s so we survived and got everything out pretty quickly so we could head to San Fran before getting stuck in traffic!
A little scary driving over the Bay Bridge in a truck...
San Francisco was fun, we walked around a bunch, had refreshments in Union Square, went up the elevator at the St. Francis to see the view and then met one of our friends for dinner (we stayed with her in the city).  By dinner we were pretty wiped but we got some awesome pizza, salad and wine and relaxed a bit, perfect ending to a somewhat stressful first day!  
All the essentials for a road trip - music, gps, coffee, water, lip stuff
Today we got up at the crack of dawn (which was ok because were still on East Coast time) and got on the road!  We’ve been out on the open road for about three and a half hours now (this post probably won’t go up until this evening but at the time I wrote this it was about 9 AM).  We’re hoping to make it to Vegas at about 2 PM and then do some exploring, relaxing, and hopefully go to a show tonight!  More to come soon!

Just me and the open road!

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