Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2: VEGAS

After our 9 hour car trip with only 1 stop Tighe and I made it to Vegas!  I have to say, the most amazing part about the leg of the drive was the number of windmills, I couldn't get over it...I guess only in California - take a look at all of these though!!

By the time we got to Vegas and got out of the car we were famished and about to kill each other.  It took us a little while to park the truck and lug our bags in but we walked into the Hard Rock and were immediately a bit overwhelmed.  After dropping off our bags and changing into our suits we headed down to find some grub as we were about to eat each other!

The afternoon was spent pretty much people watching at the pool as the Hard Rock is known for their multiple, wild pools, it was a little insane.  We definitely felt like we were in Vegas as people were crazy and all over the place by the time we got to the pool at about 4.  It was hysterical to observe but after about an hour we got a little sick of the scene and headed up to get ready for the night.

Here is a not so good pic of the one of the beach pools
We decided to spend some time down on the strip as you can't go to Vegas and not do we headed out and started at the Cosmopolitan.  Tighe wanted to go there to see the chandelier bar (when we were little whenever we went somewhere with chandeliers she would make me take a pic...) so we stopped in and had a drink and Tighe got a pic...

We were then going to try and go to the Bellagio and get a drink before the show we were going to but it was so packed we just walked in and walked out.  Just as well as we went on over to Caesar's Palace where Absinthe, the show we were seeing, was located.  We hung out in the beer garden before and then headed into the show, let's just say it was very Vegas.  We had wanted to go to Cirque du Soleil O show but we didn't get tickets in time.  Absinthe was very entertaining, it was a teeny venue inside a tent and there were all kinds of acrobats doing neat tricks.  My personal favorite was two performers on roller skates skating around on this small drum type thing and doing all kinds of really cool tricks.  It was a neat show all in all but some parts were a little too vulgar for me.

Right before going into the show
Last on our agenda for the day was to "gamble".  Tighe or I have never gambled in our lives and well...we didn't really do so well.  We just decided to do a few machines to say we did it but we had no idea what we were doing and we didn't win any money...oh well at least we tried right?

Documenting the effort

"winning" money

All in all Vegas was lots of fun and we had some new and different experiences.  I have to say I don't think I would come back unless I was with a big group.  It was a little too commerical-esque for me and by the end I was pretty ready to head to the Grand Canyon...more to come on that trip soon!

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