Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Things about living in DC

10. Access to lots of free stuff - museums, tours, events, historical places, Christmas Carolers, etc. (one time we even got to have a private tour of the Pentagon - sorry no pics from that)

White House tour with my office
White House garden tour with E!
Library of Congress tour
9. Everywhere you run is beautiful - especially running down on the mall past the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

8. You get every possible holiday off because you're on a government schedule.

7. The old row houses have ever so much character and if you live in one you might just find a painting on the back of a door or the original molding from the early 1900s.

6. It only takes an hour to get home so if you feel like heading home for dinner you can (ok so this only applies to me).

5. You can have two totally different experiences in two different parts of town and both will be unique and fun in their own way.


4. The food (although I still haven't found my all time favorite brunch spot - Argonaut is up there) is delicious.  There is lots to choose from and although I wouldn't say DC has the greatest food in the country (I mean I've gotten to eat at Chez Panisse in Berkeley...what can I say) there are a lot of wonderful spots to pop into and have a bite with friends.

3. You feel like you're part of history often (i.e. Obama being elected, inauguration, events all the time, etc.) and that the decisions are being made for our country right in your own backyard.

Inauguration 2009
2. There are so many great earth saving, do good, save the world type organizations that you constantly feel inspired and invigorated to do more and do it better.

1.  The people that I have met, known, encountered, worked with, hung out with, and everything in between make this place what it has been for me.  The time I've spent here has been about relationships with people and I feel very lucky to have made some wonderfully special relationships as I'm leaving this place.

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