Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brunch Edition: The Flying Biscuit

So I haven't profiled a brunch place in a very long time so I figured, it's about time to get back to it!  One of my favorite places to visit is Atlanta, Georgia (and I get to visit TWICE this summer!!).  I think there are a combination of reasons for my love of visiting ATL - a bunch of my friends are there, it's in the south, for some reason it always seems to be nice out when I go, AND The Flying Biscuit (last but definitely not least).

I absolutely ADORE The Flying Biscuit, I make my friends take me every time I come into town.  They have such good brunch food - fresh, different and very tasty!  I'm looking at the menu now and just wishing I could be transported down there for some yummy brunch.  Now I usually get the Meggxican Wrap or the Hollywood Omelette (only veggies for me!) but everything on the menu is pretty much to die for.  The grits are delicious and the SOYsage is pretty good as well...

BUT the best part of the menu is the BISCUITS!!!  The biscuits are absolutely melt in your mouth, don't want them to be over, kind of biscuits.  You can get wheat or white (love that they have that option) and they have a bit of sugar on top so you get that sweet salty taste.  Uhh they're SO good!!  I could order 10.  Plus they have apple butter that you can put on them, now I'm not usually a fan of jellies or spreads but this is DIVINE.

So if you are in the Atlanta area anytime soon I highly suggest trying this spot out (would love to know what you think as well).  Or if you want to try making the biscuits, or really anything else on the menu, you are more than welcome to borrow the cookbook that one of my dearest ATL friends gave me for my birthday last year...still finding the time to try and make something from it but hopefully this summer when I'm a little more free I'll do it (I promise Becs!).  Enjoy!

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  1. I'm excited for you to visit so I have a good excuse to go :)