Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memories of the past 3 years...

So I kinda missed semi-wordless Wednesday yesterday but what the heck, I'm going to do a semi-wordless Thursday!  The beginning of my DC montage...year one in the District


First night living in the District...boy was I nervous

Roommates for 3 years, best friends since age 5...I'm going to miss her!
(not that I won't be visiting all the time)
First playground build with one of my favorite co-workers :)

Second year roommates

Best pod ever, miss these people!

Kickball on the mall!

Drag queen brunch at Perry's, quite an experience!

Just a trip down memory lane to my first year in the District...more to come, can't believe it's already Thursday - this time next week I'll be moving out!


  1. ooohhhh that first night in the basement and drag brunch! I think your memory montage is going to make me miss DC a little too!

  2. Peyton...thanks for including me in this blog. It means the world to me and I wish you the best in the future :) I will be in Baltimore July 9th and 10th for my company's big ball event! We need to catch up :)