Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Party

This weekend at Sewanee it is spring party weekend, one of my most favorite weekends there.  It just always ends up being so much fun.  The weather is beautiful, you can wear sun dresses, everyones happy, and there are just parties galore, I do wish I could be there!  I guess there's just something about the spring in Sewanee, it gets warmer earlier than up here and you see people everywhere you go.  Anyway, I used to adore taking photos during spring party so I thought I'd pull a few out and reminisce of the days when come Thursday everything was about having fun and going to parties.

One year we followed Molly around McClurg...

Love this pic, every's so happy at Phiesta
We used to have outdoor bands the Friday of spring party, so fun!

Fiji Island, always a good time

Molly Pitcher, always hysterical

Makes me laugh seeing this

That was a great day.
Ahhh, lots of fun...hopefully this weekend will be fun up north too :)

Have a great weekend!

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