Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!!

Well I am currently watching the royal wedding with my roommate, ahhhh!!  So beautiful, Kate Middleton is a fairytale come true!  Really have enjoyed watching the wedding this morning, makes me happy!  They're currently processing in the carriages, those horses are quite impressive!  And now they've gone into Buckingham Palace...I think I'll be missing the first kiss because I have to go to work then :(

A few notes - did y'all see those hats?!?!  Some of them are absolutely INSANE!!  Did you see the one behind the queen that wasn't even a hat but just like this strange thing on the ladies forehead in pinkish?  I thought Kate's mothers outfit was very fitting and flattering to her, the color was beautiful.  Very interesting that Pippa's dress was white as well but maybe that is tradition..I have no idea.  The little kids in the wedding were ADORABLE!

Well beautiful wedding, glad that I can say that I got up and watched it!

A few pics...not very good, sorry!

Beautiful tiara, it's a crowned jewel...

The Queen, couldn't get her to look up, gahhh

Precious little boys singing!!

Procession out of Westminster those kids -
Hary's hair is a little rowdy...
Have a CHARMING day and weekend!

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