Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Dresses

I am having the hardest time finding an Easter dress this year!  Every spring as a little gift to myself I allow myself to splurge on a fun springy dress for Easter...but so far no luck!  I'm very disappointed in Ann Taylor Loft which is my typical go to for my lovely Easter frock; their selection this year is horrendous, I didn't even try anything on (not to mention they had no sizes in the store).  I've also visited Urban, South Moon Under, The Bead, and Cloud 9 and have found very little (truthfully I probably could have found something at Cloud 9 but wasn't positive what I wanted yet).  Anyway, my last attempt today is Anthropology so I thought I'd spend my time this morning sharing some of the dresses I've found online that I'm going to try and snag tonight...if Anthro doesn't work I'm going to be up a creek without a paddle (ok I have plenty of dresses in my closest I could fall back on but still!).

I mean I would probably be absolutely fine without a dress considering I still don't even know where I'm going for Easter!  It's all dependent on my brother's lax game tomorrow night, if he wins they play on Sunday (which I am morally opposed to but oh well) which means we'll be traveling down to Chapel Hill (the games are at Durham but I refuse to say I'm going to Durham, gross) and spending Easter there.  If he loses we'll be in Buckingham where there will probably be about 5 other people at church...either way my dad has promised that we will still have our annual Easter egg hunt (a big deal in our household) - I'm hoping to win it all this year and stay as far away from Duncan as possible (he always steals my eggs)...Tighe's already trying to rally for a 30 second head way!

And back to dresses...

I absolutely adore this one but I think it is
a wee bit expensive...

So we'll see what my shopping extravaganza tonight brings...I'm not getting my hopes up too much.  Gosh, this reminds me of a picture that I so wish I had in DC with me to post here.  When my sister and I were little my mom dressed us up in these huge Easter dresses one year (they had crinoline in them and were super itchy, we had worn them as flower girls in a wedding).  It was my brothers baptism I think and immediately after church my sister and I ran upstairs to put on our play clothes for the Easter egg hunt.  We came back down and my mom insisted we put back on our dresses for a family photo, we were livid.  The picture sits on our piano in the living room, it's an adorable family photo, minus Tighe and I who are scowling at the camera and have our tennis shoes on with our dresses :)

Happy almost Easter!


  1. That first one just screams "PEYTON!" to me. :)

  2. Haha, thanks Sarah! Can't wait to see you at Lindsey's wedding in a few weeks!

  3. I've struggled with dresses this year too, but I actually had a ton of luck at Lilly 2 weeks ago - not so much the typical Lilly dresses with the prints, but they have some different styles and whatnot and they seem to be the only place fitting me this year...just a thought.

    love you! and Happy Easter to you tooo!