Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The best part of waking up, is coffee in your cup!

...ok so I know it's supposed to be Folgers but I'm not a huge Folgers coffee person.  I am a huge fan of coffee in general though!  I love coffee, I know some say it's not good for you but I don't care, I adore it and would never think of giving it up.  Making coffee allows me the time to wake up for a few minutes and not jump right into my day.  Every morning when my alarm goes off I head right downstairs to begin heating the hot water (I do french press coffee).  I grind the coffee and wait for the water to boil and in that time allow myself to wake up a little.  I bring it back upstairs and sit in my bed, drink coffee and write in this blog.

Not only is coffee great to help ease me into my day but it is also a great community gathering tool.  How many times have you met a friend for coffee?  Or discussed something important over coffee?  I know I have many a time.  Some of my favorite memories are those sitting around a table chatting with friends and overcaffeinating ourselves.

As I was thinking about this blog post (props to Ellie who came up with the idea) I was thinking about coffee and the significance of it and my dad told me a story this weekend that fit right in.  My dad loves Chapel Hill and loves to take walks down Gimghoul Road with our dear friend Sally when he's there.  He told me that he was there a few weekends ago and was walking down the road and saw that the garden was open.  On Gimghoul Road there is a house that has an exquisite garden.  Two sisters in their nineties live there and every spring they open their garden up for the public to walk around in.  My dad and Sally walked up and one of the sisters was sitting on the porch drinking her coffee.  They got to talking and asked, what is it that's helped you live such a long and healthy life.  The sister answered, coffee, as she sipped out of her mug.  She said that she has been drinking a few cups of coffee a day out the same ugly mug for years and that has kept her going.

So there you have it...proof that coffee is an important and wonderful part of life.

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