Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I am still recovering from mine and once I get my pictures loaded I will for sure have a recap of the fun and craziness that was DeBordieu Beach Weekend 2011!

For today though I thought I'd do a first day of school post as today is my OFFICIAL first day of graduate school and many of my friends that are teachers start back today!

As a child on the first day of school my mother ALWAYS made us take a siblings picture...

(that's me on the left...I guess D was still in pre-school)

Before the first day I would go to Staples or Target and shop for HOURS to find the best school supplies...matching pens, notebooks, you name it, I had it.

Do you remember Lisa Frank?  I was so into those notebooks and trapper keepers...

Gosh I was always so excited for the first day of school, to see who would be in my class, meet my teachers, be a year older.  The first day was always fun because it was a lot of introductions and administrative stuff which was always my favorite (I know that's weird).  Plus we always got all our books on the first day so we got to see what we'd be doing for the year!

This year I haven't done a whole lot to prepare for the first day, although I think I mentioned that I bought the 2011-2012 Lilly Planner which I'm obsessed with.

I seriously can't get through the day without this thing, it is the BEST and I highly suggest purchasing one.  Other than that I've grabbed a few notebooks and my favorite babysitting family in DC gave me folders and an adorable accordion file which has taken care of the rest of my supplies! The only thing I think I'm still missing is the proper bag for all of my supplies.  I have plenty of potential options - vineyard vines, vera bladley, a backpack (which I will refuse to use).  What I really want though is a big Longchamp bag.  I have some of the other sizes but I'm just dying for the school book size.

...I guess I'll have to see how many babysitting jobs I get :)

Now I just need to pick out an outfit (although I don't think people dress up for class like they did at Sewanee), grab my books and go!  I don't know anyone in the class so it is definitely going to be a bit intimidating walking in for the first time.  I hope I like it though!

Did you have any first day of school traditions you did growing up?  Any that you do with your kids or want to do one day?  What an exciting time of year - although it's sad to see the summer go, so many great new things ahead!


  1. Happy First day of school! I agree I hate backpacks and refused to carry them! I love my big LongChamp bag, it was my go to school bag in college! And I totally remember Lisa Frank! I was obsessed with all her stuff for school supplies!

  2. Happy first day! I miss Lisa Frank....and being school aged. But now we have grown up things (like Lilly planners and Long champ bags). I was never a fan of back packs (I call them "pack packs" as a joke), so I always used a shoulder bag when I was old enough to get my own bag. Hope you're having a great day, Peyton!

  3. Happy first day! I used to LOVE Lisa Frank! Her little trinkets were pretty much a staple in any birthday goody bag I gave or received as a kid. I have to disagree about the backpack though- I carry EVERYTHING with me, so a tote would kill my shoulder.

    Have a great year!

  4. We would ALWAYS have to do a first day of school picture too. In fact, I still continue the tradition now. I had completely forgotten about Lisa Frank, I used to love her!