Monday, September 12, 2011

A day of reflection.

I don't really know what to say, but I felt I needed to write.  A defining moment of our generation, we will always be asked, where were you on 9/11?  For me, I was in my high school, in the middle of our class meeting when our headmaster came in and told us about the horrible tragedy.  I went to a boarding school and so many were worried about family members who lived or worked in New York City and DC (like I'm sure so many scrambled to figure out across America).  It was such a scary and sad day for all of America.

Yesterday, on the tenth anniversary I spent a lot of time watching coverage and watched a documentary of a group of firefighters taken during the whole event.  It's overwhelming and terribly sad, it seems so surreal and not a true story.  Yesterday felt like a bit of a marathon.  There were points in the day when I felt so sad and I couldn't remember why, but then I would remember that it was 9/11 and that so many were grieving for so many that were lost and my heart just sunk a bit for our country.

But then, as I tried to see the good in a terrible situation, I thought of how much that day brought America together.  As I've always noticed, in times of crisis people really shine and that day so many did just that.  From the passengers who attacked the terrorist on flight 93 to the firefighters who gave their lives to save others to the residents who made PB & J because they just wanted to do something to help. America showed our true colors that day and for many to come.

I think what is important as we look back on that event 10 years ago is to remember all of those that were lost and live in a way that honors them.  Although I didn't personally know anyone that was lost I have so much respect for each one of them and for their families.  I can only imagine how hard of a day yesterday was but I am hopeful that all of the victims and survivors, wherever they are, are able to gain hope through seeing what their strength has done for us.


  1. Hard to believe that 10 years has already passed. I will never forget where I was that day!

  2. Great post, Peyton! That day will not be forgotten...And you put such a positive spin on such a sorrowful event.

  3. Great post. And you are right, so many people really did shine. There are a things I'm not very proud of in my country, but I do admire our spirit...its very hard to break...