Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Labor Day Weekend!

Well I wanted to get this written much earlier today but alas the day got away from me...not to mention with a few hiccups, ughhh - but here is not where I dwell on the bad, it's where I embrace the good!  And let me tell you, this weekend was a GOOD one, as always, one of my favorites of the year!  So I'm trying a new Wednesday blog hop, Wordless Wednesday, here is a recap of my trip to DeBordieu in pictures...

Started off the weekend with some yummy tacos!

I think this is a Kings competition...

YAY beach!

They were on a date...
Where we spent most of the evenings!

So this picture deserves an explanation - and there are about 10 in this montage...
Kevin and I bet that whoever's team lost a game had to eat a pickled egg.  We ended up
both eating them and while I conquered the disgusting things, Kevin had a few issues - definitely wouldn't
suggest trying them!

Night time spoon dancing partner (and one of the lovely hosts!)

And the nights got a little crazy!

Favorite bull dog on the beach - BOOTS!

Everyone loved the joggling board (except Ian), have you been on one before?
They're lots of fun and can fit a ton of people!

Matching outfits

Stargazing - I seriously saw about 5-10 shooting stars, AMAZING!

...someone got a little tired by the end of the weekend's hard to get back in the swing of things to say the least!


  1. So much fun! Love the dance party.

  2. Your weekend looks like so much fun!! I want to be apart of the dance party!! And I love the bulldog Boots, he is so cute.

  3. Looks like you had such a great weekend!!