Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WILW: Debordieu!

Well after 3 longgg days of no power I am FINALLY back up and running and can I say I am more than a little bit overwhelmed!  Haven't started classes yet but I already feel like I have so many bare with me as I get in a new schedule these next few weeks.  I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post but hopefully I will be able to still find time and it will be a good stress reliever.  ANYWAY now that I got that out of the way, onto things that make me SMILE!

Well in keep with What I'm Loving Wednesday I wanted to write about my LAST vacation of the summer (and trust me I've sure been on plenty so I am not complaining!).  This weekend I am EVER so excited to be traveling down to the lovely state of South Carolina to go to the beach with so many old and new friends!  My ex-roomate/childhood friend/pretty much like my older sister has a house in Debordieu and every year she invites a big group to come down for the weekend and just enjoy the sun, the south, and of course, some wonderful cocktails!

old roommate pic :)
Last year there we all kinds of people and we had all kinds of fun but I have to say one of my favorite memories was making music with spoons with roommates cousin, oh my goodness we were such nuts...or dingbats :)  This year is sure to be loads of fun as well and I just can't wait to get down there!  PLUS I haven't seen most of these people in it seems like AGES, it will be a wonderful reunion of sorts.  

Bocce Ball on the beach
Can you believe this is the last weekend of the summer?!  I can't, where has the time gone!  What are you up to this weekend, any fun labor day plans?  Wherever you are don't forget to wear your white, linen, Lilly and any other summer clothes (if you go by those rules...have to say I kind of do!).  

P.S. Have you been over to to check out their sale?  I just got 2 awesome bathing suits and I'm in LOVE with them:

Happy Labor Day weekend (a little early but I probably won't be able to post again)!


  1. ya I can't believe summer is over already! I still haven't gone camping haha ohh well next year. have a great labour day weekend!

  2. I cannot believe that September is tomorrow! I have no idea where the summer went! Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

  3. Have fun at the beach and yeah, I definitely need to check out J. Crew, those bathing suits are really cute!

  4. That orange bathing suit is adorable!

  5. Love your deals at J.Crew and the fact that you made music with spoons! Sounds like something I would do :) Happy, happy Wednesday! And have a fantastic weekend if we don't speak before then, Peyton! Question, do you have Twitter? Are we Twitter friends?

  6. I like the orange one best! Both are so cute! I work in the real estate office at DeBordieu. I hope you girls will stop by and give us a SPOON concert! Have a great time!!!!