Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Friday: Dress Shopping

So as usual, my favorite type of outfit is a dress...and yet again I am looking for another dress for a rehearsal dinner next weekend for one of my dearest friends wedding's!  Sooo I thought I would do a little online shopping and see whats out there, and while I'm at it participate in Fashion Friday from Blonde Episodes

Here are a few dresses I've found so far (some obviously not appropriate for rehearsal dinner)...I'm trying to shop sale more now that I am a grad school student, blahh:

Not sure if this is formal enough
but definitely very cool

I've been eyeing this dress for awhile
from anthro but I have so many like this
not sure I want another...

Super neat little dress from
South Moon Under, not sure it's formal enough

Just like this one, def not formal enough
(from SMU as well)

Been really wanting a maxi lately...
SMU has some really cute ones

Found this cute little jersey dress
at Old Navy, may just have to stop by...

Love this dress from Lilly

This one is so fun with the bubble bottom
but still formal with the gold on top

Could never afford but this dress is just
absolutely beautiful, a girl can dream :)

Well I guess I better go looking for a dress now :)  What're your favorite places to shop for a dress?

Happy weekend!


  1. CUTE dresses! especially like the lilly :)

  2. Cute picks! I'm actually helping a friend shop for a "dressy casual" dress tomorrow--the stores we're planning to hit are Anthro, South Moon Under, and a cute boutique called Monkees!