Monday, October 3, 2011

One last memory of summer...

Now that fall is officially here (is it as cold where you are as it is here?!?!  I've been FREEZING all day!) I thought I would do a re-cap post of my summer adventures.

If you haven't been reading along for very long, this past summer I had the opportunity to just relax and travel after 3 years of working in DC.  Thus, I went on a lot of adventures, to a lot of weddings, and had a LOT of fun!  So here's a little summer re-cap, as I sit here freezing my buns off!

The summer of fun...

It all began with some summer sun,
Bethany Beach, where we had tons of fun!

Cousin together and laughter galore,
Jess did our hair, how could we want more!

Then we were off to the wild wild west,
Sis and I were on the move and there was no time to rest!

Just us and Budgy what more could we need?
Vegas, Grand Canyon, weird B & Bs...what can you do but follow our lead!

Then it was time to bid Tighe goodbye,
Her new home out west, quite beautiful, no lie.

Off on my next great adventure I go,
Down south to the beach to celebrate a beau!

Then to Sewanee, to see my big sis,
Marry her sweetheart, I surely wouldn't miss!

Back up north for a few days and nights,
But before long, the 4th - celebrate with lights!

That was quite a weekend, 15 in the house,
My aunts slept in the foyer, watch out for a mouse!

And then it was back to ATL once more,
My first time as a bridesmaid, so much in store!

If your still reading then you deserve a prize,
I told you my summer was busy, no lies!

The rest of the summer was packed full of camps,
The first was amazing, so inspiring, not damp!

The kids all had cancer, but smiles on their face,
Just running and playing, brought me back to base.

The second, a reunion of friends near and far,
They all traveled in with their very own bars!

OH I had so much fun at my summer home,
Reconnecting with friends and just roaming to roam.

And then it was time to get down to the grind,
Start classes again...actually use my mind!

Oh what a summer, it's one for the books,
Such fun and laughter, even some strange looks :)

Well I hope you enjoyed my little poem :)  It sure was a fun summer of adventures, now I might go make this little diddy into a picture book...

Do you have any special memories from the summer?  


  1. Loved all the pictures in this post! Looks like you had a wonderful summer!
    My special memories were spending lots of time with friends, the boyfriend and family. And seeing my best friend from high school get married! Happy Monday!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome summer! I love you poem. Super cute!