Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aahhh where did the week go?!?!

I started out so well with inspiration Monday, I had high hopes for lots of posts this week...but alas that didn't work out so well as it's Thursday and I'm only on post number 2.  Oh well it's not something to fret about, I guess it just means I've been busy (and about to get busier with midterms next week...eek!).  Anyway, this Thursday I am thankful for lots of things, but one thing I just love about fall is the clothes that I get to wear (ok I know that's a bit shallow, but I already did a semi-serious post and since I have been trying to save money being a grad student and all that this is my way of getting out my shopping obsession!).

So on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for fun fall clothes to go with fun fall activities...and a few that I just wish I could splurge on!

Aren't these just beautiful (Antrhopologie)

So to start my outfit I usually pull out a fun pair of boots, my skinny jeans (or leggings):
Yup that's exactly how I look in my jeans too...I wish

A cute top/sweater (oversized are my favesss):

And then a few accessories that I live for/want:

My barbour jacket:

I really want arm/leg warmers:

Source: via Teri on Pinterest

And fun necklaces (my tree of life necklaces are my faves...this is not the exact one but similar!):

Source: via Brisa on Pinterest

Or a cute obsessed with theses - easiest accessory ever and keeps me warm as I get chilly so easily!

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Oh I could go on for hours on clothes I adore...if only I had an unending bank account...what are your fall staples that get you out the door??

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  1. I agree this week has flown by! But I am loving your fashion picks! I am thankful and loving that my little sister is home for the weekend! I hope you have a wonderful thursday!