Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! I started this this morning and then got distracted...whoops!

Hi lovely readers, it's What I'm Loving Wednesday and I am loving a lot of things today!

1. I am loving this children's book that my cousin gave my mom to give to me to look at: A Friend for Einstein - he's the smallest miniature horse, take a look (for more on my love of miniature horses read this post:

2. Only a week until Annie and Tyler get married!!  So excited to see all of my college buddies!!

3.  Only 2 weeks until my sister comes home and all of the holiday festivities begin...uhhhh so many things to look forward to with Thanksgiving, love it!!

last year we had 2 turkeys!

4.  Started my volunteer job today and I think I'm going to LOVE it!!  Very excited!

5.  The weekend is only 2 days away and my cousin and aunt are coming to visit, YAY!

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